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Drone Survey Solutions for Your Business

Simple. Accurate.

With drone surveying, we can deliver faster results at a lower cost than traditional methods. This means you can monitor your project often, giving you better insight into your project. And because we combine drone technology with traditional surveying, we deliver the highest possible levels of accuracy in your data.

Survey technology

Safe and Secure.

Our pilots are certified to fly over built up areas and people using fail safe devices certified by Transport Canada. We ensure all insurance, regulations and approvals are in place, so you do not have to.

Expert team

Solutions Expertise

We understand how to get the most use out of the data we capture. We can help you develop your full digital survey workflow from data acquisition and processing to exploring and leveraging the outputs to drive project success. We use latest technology, equipment, and software our team of fully qualified pilots and surveyors are supported by skilled 3D CAD and GIS technicians.

Construction Monitoring


Construction, Engineering & Architecture

Our team can track, map, and measure a project’s evolution or provide a one-time survey of your site. You can view your site in a 3D model which is so realistic it feels like you’re on a virtual walkthrough. We can streamline your workflow by calculating cut/ fill volumes, perform grade checks, inspect infrastructure, and incorporate design overlays.

Construction planning
Cut/Fill Volumes
Construction monitoring
Bridge construction planning
Complex construction site planning

See the applications

  • Pre construction LiDAR survey for bare earth data

  • Modelling of change to generate accurate cut/fill volumes

  • Post construction surveys, incorporating design overlays

  • Efficient and safe inspection of dangerous, tough to reach sites

  • Ongoing monitoring of sites on a scheduled basis

  • Precision topography for ground contours

  • Overlay of engineering designs and 3D building models

  • HD photography, 4K videography

  • Generation of earthworks designs from aerial data


Drones are the tool of choice to efficiently map and inspect all locations. Documentation is fast and more efficient than conventional inspection methods, outputs provide a historic database, all while minimizing exposure to safety hazards.

Haul Road Slope Map

Haul Road Slope Map

Grade inspection
Road Cross Section
Excavation planning

See the applications

  • Dangerous hard to access areas

  • Ultra-HD photographs and video for inspection

  • Precision 3D modeling using millions of survey points

  • Easily overlay CAD designs

  • Compare imagery and data over time

Natural Resources, Environment

Spitfire, is the ideal data provider for forestry and natural resource/ environmental applications, with quick, cost-effective and accurate outputs. From glacier change modeling, erosion and foreshore monitoring, forest health surveys, invasive species, active and past forest fire devastation, geotechnical hazards, and many more applications.

Foreshore monitoring
Environmental monitoring

See the applications

  • Repetitive flights for inspection and change monitoring

  • Highly accurate LiDAR and photogrammetric terrain modelling

  • Overlay GIS data and other map layers

  • Ultra-HD photography and videography

  • River and flood mapping

  • Coastal and foreshore mapping

  • Forest boundary and regeneration surveys

  • Wildfire mapping and thermal imaging


Engineers and farmers are utilizing drones to gain more efficient and valuable crop insights and to more accurately plan and manage their operations.

Agricultural monitoring
Agricultural monitoring

See the applications

  • LiDAR survey and terrain modeling for crop transition cut and fill volumes

  • Terrain models for irrigation and drainage management

  • Documenting damage to crops caused by floods, fire, pests, or weather events

  • High resolution images and algorithms to assess plant emergence and population

Drone aerial shot

About Spitfire

Spitfire is an innovative drone survey company providing you the technology you need to simplify, enhance, and inform your workflow.  Based in North Vancouver, B.C., our team of professional unmanned aerial vehicle experts provide on-demand services that are significantly faster and more accurate than traditional methods.

Capturing accurate survey data is expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes unsafe to gather – and once you have the data, it may be difficult to access and interpret it. Our goal is to make the process of data collection much simpler for your business while producing customized outputs that revolutionize how you do your job.

Our 3D maps, high resolution imagery and videos are valuable assets. From monitoring and assessment, as analytical data, or as marketing materials, our outputs consistently bring businesses and workflow to the next level.  We thrive on your success!

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