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Drone Survey Experts

With drone surveying, we can deliver faster results at a lower cost than traditional methods. This means you can monitor your project often, giving you better insight into your project. And because we combine drone technology with traditional surveying, we deliver the highest possible levels of accuracy in your data.

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Industry Solutions

Capturing accurate survey data is expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes unsafe to gather – and once you have the data, it may be difficult to access and interpret it. Our goal is to make the process of data collection much simpler for your business while producing customized outputs that revolutionize how you do your job.

Lidar Technology

LiDAR is an active remote sensing method that emits pulsed light waves into surrounding environment. These pulses of light bounce off surrounding objects and reflect to the sensor. These pulses penetrate the forest canopy to allow us see the topography beneath.

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Case Study

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Construction Project Management

Progress Monitoring at Area 6

We're Proud of Our Customers

From monitoring and assessment, as analytical data, or as marketing materials, our outputs consistently bring businesses and workflow to the next level.  We thrive on your success!

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What Our Customers Say


"Spitfire delivers data that is responsive to our needs and catered to our workflow as an architecture firm, capturing what traditional surveys miss and enabling us to effectively site our projects to suit any given context."


“We recently chose to have Spitfire Drone Survey look after all of our project completion quantity verifications.We have been thrilled with the services they offer, they are fast, professional and provide quality end products that we are happy to share with our customers.To top it all off they provide their services at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend their services, the finished results exceeded our expectations.”


"The data is absolutely fantastic. Comparing to the “original” high-altitude lidar, it’s now obvious that it was smoothed pretty aggressively, and your data gives us the real shape of that canyon."