June 20, 2023

TrueView 535 3D Imaging System

Upgraded accuracy, efficiency and imagery.

Spitfire is excited to announce that we have upgraded our 3D Imaging System from the TrueView 515 to the new and improved TrueView 535 3D Imaging System. The TrueView 535 builds upon the success of the TrueView 515 with key notable additions including triple beam returns to improve vegetation penetration, a third nadir camera to improve photogrammetry deliverables and a longer usable LiDAR range to allow for higher flying heights resulting in safer and more efficient data collection.

The Trueview 535 3D LiDAR Sensor

The Pacific West Coast is one of the most challenging regions to survey via drone LiDAR scanning technology. Due to the Pacific West Coasts characteristics of tall old growth forests, dense undergrowth vegetation and steep mountainous terrain, it is critical that the proper equipment and sensors are used for the job. With the Trueview 535’s 32 LiDAR beams pulsing at 640kHz repetition rate and each returning up to three returns the Trueview 535 is one of the best drone LiDAR units for penetrating tree canopy and other vegetation. The TrueView 535 still maintains the high accuracy and precisions (approx. 3cm) we have come to expect from Trueview LiDAR units making it the ideal drone LiDAR payload for Pacific West Coast Mapping.

For more information on the TrueView 535: https://geocue.com/sensors/drone-lidar/trueview-535/

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